Pokemon GO Revenue Higher Than Summer Blockbusters

pokemon go revenue

Pokemon GO has grossed over $440 million in worldwide revenue, according to analysis outlet SensorTower. Pokemon GO revenue is still going strong after almost two months, since its release on July 6, 2016.

A Surprise Summer Blockbuster

While some summer blockbusters hit a brick wall this year, people were more than ready to spend cash on PokeCoins. The chart below shows Pokemon GO revenue, and how it brought in more cash than many of the biggest summer films of 2016.

Pokemon GO Worldwide Gross Revenue Compared to 2016 Summer Movie Box Office Earnings

The major difference between Pokemon GO and the films in the chart, is that the mobile game hardly had money spent on advertising, compared to its movie counterparts.

In the meantime, Pokemon GO is still going strong and steady, earning over $4 million net revenue worldwide every day. This figure stayed consistent in the past month, while it’s worth noting that the game has not yet officially launched in major markets like China and India.

180 Million Downloads and Counting

It is estimated that Pokemon GO was installed on %12 of all American smartphones at a certain point. Worldwide, the game surpassed 180 million downloads in less than two months.

In addition, despite users abandoning the game, the level of engagement remains high, and pretty much the same as the first week of release. iOS users have been active an impressive 32 minutes a day.

With new content on the close and distant horizon, Developer Niantic Labs hopes to keep players engaged, while maintaining its earnings momentum, without having to spend massive budgets on advertising.

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Are you impressed with Pokémon GO? Are you in for the long run or planning to abandon the game?

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