Niantic Pokes Fun At Pokemon GO In New Update

niantic pokes fun

Furious fans have taken to both the App Store and the Play Store last week to voice their displeasure at the latest updates.

Niantic Lab’s poor communication with fans didn’t help much either. Many fans mentioned ‘minor text fixes’ as an issue they took with Niantic Labs. So much so, that it became an internet meme among the online Pokemon GO community. One that Niantic pokes fun at in the latest update.

Niantic Labs have gone in on the joke, stating in the notes for the latest update that there are minor stability improvements, but “no text fixes”. It’s nice to see that the developer developed a sense of humor along the way, while making the experience of playing the game better along the way.

The latest beta, which we also covered, addresses a few of those issues, and looks very promising for the future of the game.

Consequently, it seems as if ratings have begun to rise steadily on Android and iOS.

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