Buddy Pokemon Easter Egg Discovered

Buddy Pokemon Easter Egg

I’ve only walked my Pikachu a measly 4 KMs, but apparently choosing Pikachu as your Buddy and walking it 10km can influence where the little creature appears on the Buddy screen.

For me, Pikachu appears in front of my trainer. Walk it 10km and the Pokemon will find a place on your shoulder, just like my Eevee did. For more information on the newly released Buddy Pokemon system, check out our Buddy Pokemon Guide.

Pikachu Buddy Easter Egg
Pikachu Buddy Easter Egg

The finding comes courtesy of Reddit community TheSilphRoad, who are also taking the time to confirm other possible Buddy game-play goodies –


  • Accumulate a certain amount of km (and perhaps with a certain Pokemon?) (credit: /u/MzRed):
    • 10km with Pikachu

Not yet proven:

  • Walk every Pokemon to acquire 1 candy for each one (credit: /u/merlinpatt)
  • Walk your starter Pokemon and acquire 1 candy (credit: /u/ferrocan) (disproven by /u/MzRed)
  • Walk a certain Pokemon (Helix?) (credit: /u/Xaytsr)
  • Walk a Pokemon of each type and acquire one candy for each (credit: /u/virtualvishwam)
  • Finding a Pokémon related to the one you’re walking (credit: /u/zanos119) (disproven by /u/metten22)
  • Walking overlooked Pokemon, such as Pidgey, Rattata, etc (credit: /u/Crompee01)
  • Walking a Pokemon of a certain size (credit: /u/pill0ws )
  • Walk all the starter Pokemon and acquire 1 candy for each one
  • Walk Snorlax, Lapras, and Dragonite and acquire 1 candy for each one
  • Walk certain Pokemon in a certain order for one candy each
  • Acquire one candy of every kind available through walking a Pokemon

How much do I need to walk for X amount of candy? Take me to the Buddy Pokemon Distance Calculator!

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