How To Defeat Vaporeon In Pokemon GO

how to defeat vaporeon

In your quest to become the best Pokemon GO Trainer, it’s safe to assume you stumbled upon many Vaporeon defenders. It’s relatively easy to get your hands on one, since Eevee candy is not the hardest commodity to come across in Pokemon GO. Add the option to control your Eeveelution, combined with the new Buddy Pokemon system, and the result is that every beginner is after a Vaporeon. Our How To Defeat Vaporeon guide should help in your encounter with the popular Gym defender.


[Updated 09/18/16]

Why Vaporeon?

Vaporeon is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It’s good as an attacker AND a defender. Luckily, it’s also easily countered thanks to some research.

Vaporeon is a Water Pokemon with a high max CP of 2816 with a host of move-sets. its best move-set is Water Gun (quick) and Hydro Pump (Charged).

Taking Vaporeon Down

You are going to need the best Pokemon types to counter Vaporeon. These would be Grass and Electric, both having a 1.25x multiplier, making them the most effective attackers.

Make sure that your Grass or Electric type Pokemon have Grass and Electric attacks, or you would lose your offensive advantage.


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