Niantic Tease Possible Gen 2 December Announcement Next Week

gen 2 december

The Pokemon Company and Niantic have gone on record that they will update “about the addition of more Pokémon to Pokémon GO, one of the most popular mobile games of the year,” on December 12th. Their exact phrasing. Is a Gen 2 December release actually on the cards?

Why would Niantic release Gen 2 so soon after the initial release of Pokemon GO back in July?

Weather. With other games, the idea that players are affected by outdoor weather doesn’t really apply. Surely not to a degree that players won’t be playing due to its extremity. For a game that relies on outdoor play, extreme weather conditions spell danger. With many players already close to or done filling their Pokedex, there needs to be some big incentive to continue playing, especially under harsh weather conditions. Cue Gen 2.


More Gens Incoming

Since there are 7 generations of Pokemon already, a bi-yearly release of new generations would still make for at least three years of generation updates for Pokemon GO. A lifetime in terms of Mobile games. Alternately, if new features and gameplay keep trainers engaged for longer each generation, Niantic could justify taking longer to release subsequent generations.

Sponsorship Deals

Pokemon GO / Sprint
Image: Niantic

With today’s announcement on a huge sponsorship deal with Sprint, and a possible Starbucks deal coming soon, you’d expect Niantic to help drive trainers to play at these locations with more than just the occasional new Gym and on hand phone charging stations.

Do you think Gen 2 will actually release next week, or are we all just getting worked up for nothing? Let us know in the poll below!

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