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Gen 2 Region Exclusive Pokemon

Gen 2 Region Exclusive Pokemon – Corsola & Heracross

The map is based on research done by TheSilphRoad community on reddit, with over one thousand sightings included.

As you can see, Corsola appears across the entire world map, but restricted to specific latitude, specifically between 31N and 26S latitudes.

Credit – oktimeforplanb

Heracross on the other hand, is present in Central and South America. You’ll notice that there’s still a large chunk of the world that’s out of luck with no regional exclusives to call their own.


Note that despite having plenty of data to consider it accurate, there may still be small discrepancies in the information we have at our disposal. In order to treat this data as actual fact, we would probably need official confirmation from the guys at Niantic 🙂

Other Speculated Pokemon

Girafarig and Delibird were two Pokemon that were speculated to appear in specific locations. However, Girafarig is certainly not region specific as it has appeared all over the world. No sightings of Delibird were made yet, so that can lead to one conclusion – it is not yet in Pokemon GO.

We’ll of course update if this changes with future updates and the introduction of new Pokemon. Happy and safe catching!


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