How To Defeat Arcanine

Arcanine is not the most formidable opponent in Pokemon GO, but along with Vaporeon, is probably the most common Gym defender out there so you’d want to be ready when you head out to your local Gyms. Read our How To Defeat Arcanine guide to be prepared for your next Gym Battle.


[Updated 09/24/16]

Why Arcanine?

Arcanine’s resistance to Bug, Fire, Grass, Fairy Steel and Ice covers plenty of potential attackers.

Arcanines are also pretty bulky, with potential Max CP of 2983, it won’t be an easy affair. It’s base stats are also pretty high, making Arcanine a very good defender.

Obtaining one shouldn’t be too hard, since catching Growlithes in the wild is pretty easy.

Base Stats:

  • Attack – 230
  • Defense – 180
  • Stamina – 180

Best Defensive Move-Set:

  • Quick – Fire Fang
  • Charged – Flame Thrower


Taking Arcanine Down

Arcanine has three type weeknesses – Rock, Ground and Water. There are plenty of these type Pokemon to choose from, but we will only list the best counters to Arcanine.

Weaknesses summarized:

  • Rock – x1.25
  • Ground – x1.25
  • Water – x1.25

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