How To Defeat Snorlax In Pokemon GO

how to defeat snorlax

Everyone wants one, and no one wants to encounter one. Passionate Pokemon GO players have spent countless hours and days trying to catch and master the one and only Snorlax. This guide on How To Defeat Snorlax aims to aid you in your Snorlax Gym encounters.


[Updated 09/21/16]

Why Snorlax?

Snorlax is not a Pokemon you can evolve into. The only methods of obtaining a Snorlax are through a wild encounter, or by hatching a 10km egg.

The reason it is one of the most sought after Pokemon is the fact that no other Pokemon can hard counter Snorlax. With a max CP of 3112, you’re dealing with a beast of a Pokemon. It does have a weakness to Fighting attacks, but because of the lack of quality Fighting type moves, Snorlax has no specific type counters.

Snorlax’s best defending move-set is Zen Headbutt (quick) and Hyper Beam (charged).

Taking Snorlax Down

In the cold light of day, your best way of taking big ol’ Snorlax is countering with a tank that also has some decent attacking moves. The obvious choice would be Machamp, due to its relatively high CP, HP and charged Fighting type move, but the obvious choice may not be the best one.


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