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Know Your Tyrogue Evolution In Advance

tyrogue evolution

While everyone is going crazy about Eevee and the ability to manipulate its evolution, There’s another Pokemon with multi stage 2 evolutions that isn’t getting as much attention. We’re talking about the Tyrogue evolution.

While you can’t control Tyrogue’s evolution, as you would with Eevee, you can know in advance what to expect before you evolve, at up to 100% accuracy.

Pokemon Gold & Silver vs Pokemon GO

In the older game, a Tyrogue would evolve into Hitmonchan if it’s defence was higher than it’s attack, Hitmonlee if its attack was higher, and Hitmontop if both stats were equal.


However, in Pokemon GO it is slightly different. It seems that if your highest stat is Defense you will get a Hitmonchan, for Attack a Hitmonlee and last but not least a Gen2 Hitmontop if its highest stat is HP.

tyrogue evolution

How Do I Know Which Stat Is Highest?

Easy, use the appraisal system and your team leader will gladly tell you which stat is the greatest for your chosen Pokemon. You may wonder what happens if two of the stats have equal attribute. Say, for example, your Tyrogue has 14 Attack and 14 Defense as its highest stats. This means there will be a 50% chance of evolving into either one of Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. All three stats the same? That’s a 33% chance to get either of the three Tyrogue evolution Pokemon.

Which is your favorite Tyrogue Evolution?

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