Lapras Event In Japan Commences

lapras event

Japan’s Pokemon GO’s Twitter account has officially announced a Lapras event to commence November 11 to November 23rd.

See official announcement below –

For the non-Japanese speaking readers out there, the announcement reads:

“Notice. Lapras has been found on the coast of Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, and easier is the emergence. This phenomenon seems to last until 11/23. You can visit on a trip to northeastern Japan. There should be a lot of Pokemon and other nice discoveries.”

This may not be 100% correct translation but we promise we tried to make it as close as possible 🙂

People in Japan are already posting their Lapras findings online –

Don’t get your hopes up for a the same Lapras event anywhere near you, but we should expect similar events in different parts of the world in the future. Most of us will have to wait a little longer for that Gold Ice Type Medal.


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