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Lock The Screen While Playing Pokemon GO With PokeLock


We have all been waiting for an app that will allow us to lock our screen while playing Pokemon GO. Well, it seems that our prayers have been answered thanks to PokeLock.

This great app allows trainers to lock their screens without suspending the app. This means that you can wipe and smear the smartphone screen, without it having any effect on the game.

A Simple Solution To A Much Needed Feature

How many times has this happened to you. You went running with your phone in the hopes of hatching some eggs, only to later find out that somehow your screen was touched by an invisible force, and exited the app? Alternatively, you may have put your phone in your backpack, with Pokemon GO running (We all know how hot the phone can get in your hand/pocket) while strolling around your area, only for the same exact thing to happen. All those precious kilometers gone to waste 🙁


The PokeLock app aims to address this specific annoying issue. Basically, using the app initiates a black on-screen overlay, that requires either a double tap or pattern to unlock.

The app is simple, and even has a feature to be disabled when getting an incoming call. It also works with any other app you have running on your phone.

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available on the Play Store for Android. No iOS as of time of writing.

Image Credit: PokeLock

Main Features

  • Saves battery by creating a black lock screen, while games are running in the background.
  • Blocks buttons like Home, Back while screen is dimmed.
  • Keeps your phone On, dismissing the default Android screen timeout.
  • Automatically shows a floating button, when you enter Pokemon Go , so that you can easily press it and lock.
  • Secure lock screen, dismissed with a pattern lock.

After using the app for a few days on my Nexus 6P, I can say it does the job very well, and I certainly haven’t lost any distance hatching eggs.

You can download PokeLock on the Play Store.

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