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New Pokemon Transform Bug In Pokemon GO

pokemon transform bug

After dealing with the Pokemon GO three-step-bug by removing the feature entirely, a new ‘Pokemon transform’ bug emerges that causes confusion among players of the augmented reality game by Niantic Labs.

The new Pokemon transform bug causes Pokemon caught in the wild to transform into other Pokemon when placed in the PokeBag and the Pokedex.

This means that while you may think you have just caught that ever elusive Snorlax, in reality it’s just another Pidgey and you don’t know it yet. Soon enough you will, when you go searching for that chubby fella in your PokeBag and Pokedex.

There is one upside to this Pokemon transform bug, since if the Pokemon you supposedly caught is not registered in your Pokedex, you at least get the extra 500 XP for registering a new Pokemon, even if eventually it turns out to be just another Spearow.

We’ll update with more news on the latest updates and bugs in Pokemon GO as they become available.

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