Trainers Report Finding A Way To Get New PokeStops

new pokestops

A Pokemon GO trainer from Wyoming, West Virginia reported getting three new PokeStops in his area. He did so by having Ingress portals added as PokeStops.

How Exactly?

Niantic have been creating PokeStops from the locations of Ingress portals since the inception of Pokemon GO. However, they have been using the portals that had images, leaving the rest for later.

The trainer went through this process to have the new PokeStops approved and live:

  • Manually submit portal photos using Ingress, while also providing descriptions for them
  • Await Ingress approval of said photos
  • Wait for Ingress portals to show up as Pokemon GO PokesStops in the next few weeks

How Do I Try?

  1. Download Ingress and sign up.
  2. After playing a bit, go on www.ingress.com/intel and sign in with your Ingress account. This will display a map of all Ingress portals.
  3. Click on portals.
  4. Submit images for portals that have no images

Other trainers on reddit have announced that they will follow the process and come back with their findings. We will do the same.

At the time of writing, Niantic have not confirmed that this method speeds up the erection of new PokeStops.

Original Post

reddit post:

“I live in Wyoming County in southern West Virginia with a population of approximately 23,000. When Pokemon Go launched, we only had 3 PokéStops and a single gym for the entire county. This, of course, created a lot of frustration for the county’s players. While looking at Niantics other game, Ingress, I noticed a pattern. The Ingress portals that had images were the only ones that where converted into PokeStops.

There were several original “seed portals”—mainly post offices, fire departments, and libraries—that did not have images. So as an experiment in August, I went around to several of these locations, took photos, and suited the photos through Ingress. A couple of weeks ago, three of the images where expected and a couple more where rejected. A week later, I was able to confirm that the three images that were expected where converted to PokeStops.

So, if you live in a rural area or small town or city, check around for Ingress portals without an image, then submit an image through Ingress. If the image is accepted, there is a very good chance that you will get a new portal soon after.”


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