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    Pokemon GO Valentine Event Comes Early

    pokemon go valentine

    While we eagerly anticipate the next major update to the game, Legendaries *ahem* Gen2 *ahem ahem*, Niantic just communicated that that the Pokemon GO Valentine event will come as early as today! Official announcement – Trainers, With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a sweeter time to double the amount of […]

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    Pokemon GO Update 0.55.0 Android & 1.25.0 iOS

    update 0.55.0

    The latest update – 0.55.0 AND & 1.25.0 iOS – for Pokemon GO has been released, and brings with it some minor improvements. The most interesting update comes in the form of improved load times on Android. Official announcement – Trainers, Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.55.0 for Android […]

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    Pokemon GO January Update 0.53.1 Android & 1.23.1 iOS Live!

    pokemon go january update

    It feels like ages since the last Pokemon GO update has hit the Play and App stores, after we got used to bi-monthly updates since the game’s launch. Today, Niantic finally announced the latest Pokemon GO January update, but it doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the game – at least not on the surface. Certainly […]

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    It Is 2017. Where Are The Legendary Pokemon?

    legendary pokemon

    Pokemon GO Gen 2’s debut is already upon us, with the 8 new Pokemon uncovered last month. The entirety of Gen 1 has not been introduced in-game, despite trainer hopes of seeing the legendary Pokemon making the cut in 2016. Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos, with the addition of Mew and Mewtwo, all from the original […]

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    Pokemon GO Holiday Item Packs

    pokemon go holiday item

    It looks like the rumors, based on code found in the latest version were true! Pokemon GO Holiday Item Packs are going live tomorrow, to go on top of our previous coverage of everything you need to know about the the extensive Holiday event. “Trainers, This has been an exciting year for Pokémon GO! As we […]

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    Pokemon GO Christmas Event Officially Announced

    Pokémon GO Christmas event

    Niantic just announced the details of the Pokémon GO Christmas event, and we have all the important bits summed up below. Phase I – Dec 25 through Jan 3: Increased odds of hatching the new Gen 2 Pokemon from eggs! (Togepi, Magby, Smoochum, Elekid, Pichu, Igglybuff) PokéStops will award 1 single-use Incubator after your first daily Photo Disc […]

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    New Pokemon GO Code Suggests Holiday Event Highly Likely

    pokemon go code

    Hello trainers! We can now say that we are definitely more confident of a Christmas event. Information from data mining Pokemon GO code comes from TheSilphRoad and Fevgames, suggesting that an event may be imminent. The following snippets indicate that a, yet unannounced event, is highly likely – Code A metadata attribute named ‘HasHolidayItems’ appears […]

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    Pokemon GO Update 0.51.0 Android & 1.21.0 iOS

    pokemon go update

    [UPDATE] New data mining code suggests that an upcoming Christmas event is highly likely. The latest Pokemon GO update has been announced by Niantic, and it seems like it doesn’t bring anything new for the holidays. Trainers, Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.51.0 for Android and 1.21.0 for iOS […]

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    New Pokemon Max CP & Base Stats

    new pokemon max cp

    New Pokemon have been added to Pokemon GO this passing Monday, But what are the new Pokemon Max CP and Base Stats? ALSO SEE: NEW POKEMON EGG DISTANCE CHART Pichu (Pikachu’s pre-evolution Pokemon) has the lowest Max CP, while Togetic has the highest Max CP of the bunch. Note that the Pokemon are available in the […]

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    New Pokemon Gen 2 Egg Distance

    gen 2 egg distance

    [Updated – 13/12/16] By now you all know that new Pokemon have been introduced to Pokemon GO yesterday, Following Niantic’s official announcement. However, due to the apparent rarity of the new Pokemon, you may have been wondering which eggs hatch which Pokemon. Don’t worry! We’ve got the new Pokemon Gen 2 Egg Distance covered. New Pokemon […]

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    Get To Know The Eight New Pokemon In Pokemon GO

    new baby pokemon

    In Typical Niantic and Pokemon fashion, the creators of Pokemon GO didn’t see a need to spell out which new Gen 2 Pokemon to expect in-game in yesterday’s update. We’re here to reveal the eight new baby Pokemon to be found (hatched) after the latest update. Togepi & Togetic Togepi is able to release poison […]

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    New Pokemon GO Pokemon Are Here!

    new pokemon go

    Second’s ago, Niantic and The Pokemon Company announced that new Pokemon GO Pokemon are coming as soon as today! See official announcement and video below – Trainers, Professor Willow has discovered Togepi and Pichu hatching from Eggs! Starting later today, Trainers will have the opportunity to hatch these and several other Pokémon that were originally […]

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    Niantic Tease Possible Gen 2 December Announcement Next Week

    gen 2 december

    The Pokemon Company and Niantic have gone on record that they will update “about the addition of more Pokémon to Pokémon GO, one of the most popular mobile games of the year,” on December 12th. Their exact phrasing. Is a Gen 2 December release actually on the cards? Why would Niantic release Gen 2 so […]

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    Multiple Transfers And More In Newest Pokemon GO Update

    newest pokemon go update

    The Newest Pokemon GO Update, version 0.49.1 and 1.19.1 for Android and iOS, respectably, brings some welcome features to Pokemon GO. Most notably, the ability to transfer multiple Pokemon to Professor Willow at once. ALSO READ: UPDATED MAX CP CHART Official Announcement – Trainers, Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.49.1 […]

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    Pokemon GO Nearby Feature Expands Its Reach

    nearby feature

    Last week Niantic announced that the Nearby feature expanded to new areas including Australia, Canada and parts of the United States. Today, the Nearby Feature is further expanded to the rest of the United States and parts of Europe. Official Announcment – Trainers, We will be expanding the Nearby Pokémon feature to the rest of […]

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    Ditto Gym Abilities And Other Facts

    ditto gym

    News that Ditto has been found has been doing the rounds for days, and catching one ourselves meant it was definitely official. However, Niantic took their time announcing Ditto is in the game, but now it has finally happened. Ditto Gym abilities and more are discussed. Here’s the official announcement – Trainers, Professor Willow has […]

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    Updated Max CP Chart

    updated max cp

    Following Niantic’s CP balance update, we bring you the new and updated MAX XP chart courtesy of TheSilphRoad. Notice you can sort and search for different Pokemon. Rhydon comes in to the Top 10, while Alakazam, who was pretty weak before the update, is now in at number 11 with a max CP of 2887! […]

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    Pokemon GO Nearby Feature Rolls Out In New Territories

    pokemon go nearby feature

    Niantic have announced that the Pokemon GO Nearby Feature is being expanded to more territories. Here’s the official word – “Trainers, After reviewing your feedback, we have made some changes to the Nearby feature we were originally testing in San Francisco, California. We have changed the feature to only show the Nearby feature if a […]