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A Pokémon GO IV Calculator That Works – Poke Genie

Poke Genie is an iOS Pokémon IV calculator, that uses character recognition to automate data input.

How does Poké Genie Work?

Taking a screenshot and inserting that screenshot into the app’s interface, has character recognition kick in and identify the Pokémon by name, CP and upgrade cost. The IV calculation is then done and gives all possible IV combinations.

The app also knows if a certain Pokemon was upgraded, and by how much. The author described this feature as follows –

Poké Genie provides a simple and convenient way to determine your Pokemon’s IV. It automatically pulls all information needed for IV calculation directly from the screenshot. No need to enter it yourself. The CP arc angle is measured with pixel level precision to give you the most accurate reading.” – app developer

The most important thing you may be wondering about, is if Poké Genie breaches the ToS in any way, resulting in possible bans. The answer is it certainly does not, and you can feel free to use it to your heart’s content.

“Best of all, the app does NOT access Niantic’s private API and complies with their TOS. It gets all necessary information directly and only from the screenshots you provide. In fact, you can use the app completely without the Internet.” – Poké Genie developer

You can check screenshots of the app below, and download Poke Genie here. For all Android trainers out there, we will have a quick review of a Play Store Pokemon GO IV calculator counterpart later this week.

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