Vaporeon Pokemon GOvaporeon

1. Resistant To refers to taking 0.8x damage when defending.
2. Weak To refers to taking 1.25x damage when defending.
3. Base Stamina/Attack/Defense are what this Pokémon start at. Individual values (IVs) add a max of +15 to each.
4. Base Flee Rate is only the base. There are other factors.

Name(#134) Vaporeon
AboutVaporeon underwent a spontaneous mutation and grew fins and gills that allow it to live underwater. This Pokémon has the ability to freely control water.
ClassificationBubble Jet Pokèmon
Resistant To (0.8x)Fire   Water   Ice   Steel  
Weak To (1.25x)Electric   Grass  
Fast Attack(s)Water Gun  ( Water  - 6 damage)
Special Attack(s)Aqua Tail  ( Water  - 45 damage)
Hydro Pump  ( Water  - 90 damage)
Water Pulse  ( Water  - 35 damage)
Avg Weight25.38kg - 32.63kg
Avg Height0.88m - 1.13m
Buddy Distance5km (Medium)
Base Stamina260 stamina points.
Base Attack186 attack points.
Base Defense168 defense points.
Base Flee Rate6% chance to flee.
Previous evolution(s)