Buddy Pokemon Announcement Makes It Official

And it should be landing soon!

pokemon go buddy system
Image Credit: Niantic Labs

Last week we discussed the possibility of a new Buddy Pokemon System coming in the next game update, after data miners hacked the game’s (version 0.35.0) code.

Now, Niantic Labs have made the announcement of the new Buddy Pokemon GO System official. Trainers will be able to walk their Pokemon of choice around as their buddy, earning Pokemon specific candy while at it. This should help in earning candy for Pokemon that don’t tend to spawn much in a specific area.

It is also understood that players will be able to switch to the buddy of their choice at will. This means that when you’re done evolving your Pikachu to Raichu, you can start working on you Blastoise right away.

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Niantic also revealed some screenshots of the upcoming update, which you can find below –

buddy pokemon
Image Credit: Niantic Labs

We’ve got a lot more in the works this fall – Niantic Labs

Niantic plans to bring many more features in the near future, and hopefully, the Buddy Pokemon system, which should land in the coming weeks is just the beginning of many good things to come, like Pokemon trading, PokeStop customization and a new tracker system, to name a few.

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