New Pokemon GO Code Suggests Holiday Event Highly Likely

pokemon go code

Hello trainers! We can now say that we are definitely more confident of a Christmas event. Information from data mining Pokemon GO code comes from TheSilphRoad and Fevgames, suggesting that an event may be imminent.

The following snippets indicate that a, yet unannounced event, is highly likely –


A metadata attribute named ‘HasHolidayItems’ appears in the code in relation to the shop.

Gift Box Icons

Gift graphic assets have been added in this version:

Not much has been added code-wise related to these, but their filenames are tiered from Bronze to Gold and then with Special/Great/Ultra variants.

Shop Button Icon

This one looks like a holiday variant to the normal shop icon, that will probably be present only for the festive period. Alternately it could be an additional button for the holiday gift items.

None of these were mentioned in Niantic’s official game update, but experience from previous events suggests that we can be fairly certain of something special happening in the next few days.


pokemon go update

Pokemon GO Update 0.51.0 Android & 1.21.0 iOS

Pokémon GO Christmas event

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Officially Announced