Pokemon GO Gen 2 Egg Chart

Gen 2 egg chart

A Pokemon GO fan, reddit user Vivpix, calculated the possible Pokemon GO Gen 2 Egg Chart, using calculations of previous games, and the ones used by Niantic in Pokemon GO. The original Gameboy games used steps to measure hatching distance, while Pokemon GO uses kilometers.

Thanks to research on Gen I eggs from Pokemon GO and Gen 2 eggs from previous Pokemon games, there seems to be a pattern in how Niantic split the different Pokemon into the 3 separate groups of 2km, 5km and 10km eggs.

  • Below 5000 steps becomes a 2 KM egg
  • 5000-5999 steps are 5 KM eggs
  • 6000 and more steps becomes a 10 KM egg

“Basically, everything below 5000 steps becomes a 2km egg, 5000-5999 steps (the majority of Pokémon) are 5km eggs and everything over 6000 steps becomes a 10km egg, which explains why stuff like Eevee is in there,” Vivpix posted on the Pokémon GO subreddit.

Vivpix also took the time to create an info-graphic for the three groups of Pokemon, according to the distance it would take to hatch them. Have a look at the Pokemon in graphic and chart form on the next page >>