Pokémon GO High Spawn Rate Locations Chart

Pokemon TypesPokemon Go High Spawn Rate Locations
Pokémon Go Normal PokemonYou can find normal type Pokémon in parking lots, cities, university campuses, and gas stations, and near suburbs, grass, lakes, and parks. For the most part. this type will spawn anywhere in any climate.
Pokémon Go Poison PokemonThese two Pokémon types are most often found near grass, lakes, and cities, parks and usually in "grassland" or "coastal" climates.
Pokémon Go Bug PokemonIndustrial Areas have a higher spawn rate of Poison Pokemon.
Pokémon Go Grass PokemonGrass types like to hang out predominantly (surprise) where there is grass: That means places like golf courses and parks, but also near beaches. They're available in all climates, but most predominant in grassland areas.
Pokémon Go Water PokemonWhere you will most likely to encounter Water type Pokémon is on the coastline. You can also find them near rivers, lakes, ponds, docks, wetlands, beaches and even parks with ponds or with bodies of water.
Pokémon Go Ground PokemonThese desert-friendly Pokémon are pretty common in arid climates, but you may also find them lurking around the suburbs, in parks.
Pokémon Go Fire PokemonFire Type Pokémon are pretty common in arid climates, Pokemon go players have find fire pokemon strangely, even occasionally at the beach.
Pokémon Go Fighting PokemonThere is not enough evidence to say definitively, though these type will spawn almost anywhere in the suburbs and near parking lots.
Pokémon Go Rock PokemonThe most likey place you will find rock type is Farmland areas. They can also be found largely in West-coast areas as well as suburbs and parking lots.
Pokémon Go Fairy PokemonLargely found in the suburbs of grassland communities as well as beach towns. Unconfirmed, but this type seems to spawn more frequently in the evening.
Pokémon Go Electric PokemonIf you're looking for electric type pokemon; you can poke around your local college campus or Universtiy since they have higher spawn rates around those areas.
Pokémon Go Psychic PokemonPsychic type Pokémon love grassland areas, and are some of the first higher-level creatures you can catch in those towns. You can also find higher-level Psychics near the beach.
Pokémon Go Ghost PokemonThere is NO evidence to suggest that ghost type spawn more frequently at cemeteries, but they do seem to like parking lots and have a much higher spawn rate at Night-Time.
Pokémon Go Dragon PokemonDragon Pokémon types are fairly rare, they have been spotted near river water. Dragon Pokemon Type tends to have a higher spawn rate near golf courses.
Pokémon Go Ice PokemonIce Pokemon are mainly found near bodies of water, however, if your lucky enough to live in a very cold climate your spawn rate for ice Pokemon should be higher. Ski resorts are excellent choices.
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