Pokemon Move Set Evolution Is Random

Ever since it’s release, Pokemon GO trainers were trying to figure out if you can control Pokemon move set while evolving your Pokemon.

For that reason, TheSilphRoad community has gathered data of over 10,000 evolutions over the course of four months, to try and figure out if there is a way to know what move-set a Pokemon gets post evolution.

Factor Examination

Pre-evolution  Quick MoveNo
Pre-evolution  Charge MoveNo
Trainer’s Choice of TeamNo
Pokemon’s Level (approximated using  Stardust  power-up cost)No
Pokemon Nicknamed?No
Lucky Egg active during evolutionNo
Appraisal ratingNo
Highest IV categoryNo
Pokemon has perfect IVs in Attack, Defense, or Stamina (Separately)No
Pokemon has any perfect IVNo
Pokemon has all perfect IVsNo


As can be seen in the chart above, no correlation was found between all the factors examined and the resulting move-set post evolution.

The graph below, by TheSilphRoad, illustrates the distribution and frequency of post evolution move-sets and the results are clearly random.

pokemon move set
Source and Image Credit – TheSilphRoad

So, there you have it. Next time you evolve your Pokemon don’t think about it too much. Just cross pokemon move setyour fingers and hope for the best Pokemon move set. Hopefully not get what I got for my Gyarados :/


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