PokeStop Submissions To Reopen According To Niantic CEO

pokestop submissions

There is no doubt that Pokemon GO’s success is unprecedented. On the back of this runaway success that exceeded the most Optimistic of expectations, Niantic CEO knows their work has just begun. He sat down for a chat on Recode Decode’s podcast, and shed some light on the game’s future. You can listen to the entire podcast below, and read the highlights below.


“It’s been a busy two months, so we’re now happy that we’re kind of stabilized and able to start being a little more thoughtful about the next set of features that we want to build,” Hanke said on the latest episode of Recode Decode.

Now the company, formed within Google but spun off as an independent entity last year, has to figure out how to keep players coming back.

As Hanke explained, the Pokémon Go team learned a lot from Niantic’s previous game Ingress, which holds regular in-person “events” for its players to meet up and play together.

“I think we probably will” hold events for Pokémon Go, Hanke said. “We want to make sure that if we do put on an event, we can adequately handle the number of people who would show up.”

Rural Areas and Poke Stop submissions discussed 

  • “We don’t currently accept submissions for new locations, we’ve stopped that about a year ago because we had 15 million submissions and we believed we had pretty reasonable coverage, but our intent is to open that back up to allow submissions of new places.” – [31:01 – 31:13]

Pokemon GO Group Content

  • “[…] There’s another layer to it in Ingress, and you’re just beginning to see elements of it in Pokemon GO today, but you’ll see more in the future where the game design features that encourage people in groups, who may live even in different cities or maybe even live hundreds of thousands of miles away to cooperate.” – [36:25 – 36:43]

Trading And Trainer Battles

  • “[…] those are social activities. We’ve said in the past that trading is coming and player versus player battling is something we talked a lot internally. It very much is within the spirit of Pokemon GO, so it’s possible you’ll see that as well.” – [38:15 – 38:30]

Pokemon GO Events

  • Events will follow Niantic’s other augmented reality game’s (Ingress) template.


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