Pre Evolution Pokemon To Look Forward To In Gen 2

pre evolution pokemon

Like every good thing, the Pokemon Go Halloween event comes to an end.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t more things to get excited about!

Today, we will present the upcoming Gen 2 pre evolution Pokemon to look forward to. These Pokemon are not world beaters, but some of their evolutions are, and we can safely assume that these pre evolution Pokemon will spawn at a higher rate than their evolutions.

Note: We would not be surprised if the amount of candy needed to evolve certain Pokemon will change to accommodate the addition of new Pokemon to the Pokedex. With that in mind, let’s begin.

The Mediocre Bunch

Smoochum >> Jynx

Jynx isn’t the most popular Pokemon of Gen 1. It has decent stats as an attacker but not much added value over higher CP Pokemon. Alas, it’s not an easy Pokemon to get your hands on, as it rarely spawns in the wild, and hatching a Jynx is also a matter of luck. Having a pre evolution, weaker version will raise your chances of evolving a Jynx from a Smoochum.


Expected Candy To Evolve:

Smoochum > 50 Candy > Jynx

Magby >> Magmar

Much like Jynx, Magmar isn’t particularly useful in the world of Pokemon GO, with much better fire Pokemon readily available to most trainers. However, part of the fun is catching’em all, and Magamar is similar to Jynx in the sense that it’s a pretty rare spawn. Magby should help you land one via an evolution soon enough.


Expected Candy To Evolve:

Magby > 50 Candy > Magmar


Elekid >> Electabuzz

We’d love to tell you how special Electabuzz is, but in reality, if you have a decent Jolteon or even Electrode, it will do whenever you are in need of an electric type Pokemon. Apply the same rule of thumb here regarding Electabuzz’s rare spawn rate, and Elekid should help with that issue.

For the three Pokemon above, having pre-evolution Pokemon would obviously be best to newcomers, looking to land the Gen 1 evolved Pokemon. Pokemon GO veterans should have plenty of those by Gen 2’s release.

Expected Candy To Evolve:

Elekid > 50 Candy > Electabuzz

Odd One Out

Tyrogue >> Hitmonchan / Hitmonlee / Hitmontop

Tyrogue’s case is a little different. There are currently two Pokemon in Gen 1 that are evolved forms of this pre evolution Pokemon, but Gen 2 also introduces another evolved Tyrogue in the form of Hitmontop.


As you can imagine, Tyrogue and Hitmontop will also be Fighting type Pokemon, so hopefully gen 2 makes this type more relevant to core game-play than it is now.

Expected Candy To Evolve:

Tyrogue > 50 Candy > Hitmonchan / Hitmonlee / Hitmontop


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