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Get To Know The Eight New Pokemon In Pokemon GO


Magby is a bipedal Pokémon that has a red body with a yellow, flame-shaped marking on its stomach. Its head is covered with large lumps, and it has a rounded, yellow beak. There is a single spike on its back and it has a tapered tail. Its short arms have three clawed fingers, while its feet have only two clawed toes. Magby can breathe 1100 °F (600 °C) flames, and hot embers drip from its mouth. Its health is determined by these flames. Yellow flames show that a Magby is in good health, while flames mixed with a lot of smoke show that it is fatigued. Magby normally lives in volcanic craters. However, it can be seen living in towns.

Pokemon Evolution:

Magby > Magmar

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Smoochum is a small, humanoid Pokémon that resembles a baby. It has a large head with blonde hair that reaches its shoulders and has large bangs. There are several tufts of hair sticking up on top of its head. Its skin is light purple with a cream-colored chest, arms and feet. It has large, blue-green eyes and a pair of large, pink lips. These lips are sensitive enough that Smoochum uses them to identify and examine objects that it sees for the first time.

When walking, Smoochum rocks its head back and forth. This Pokémon is very active and runs about, although it often falls. Being very conscious of its appearance, it will check is reflection when given the chance to make sure it is not dirty. Smoochum is found living in cities. Smoochum is a female only species, with no male counterpart.

Pokemon Evolution:

Smoochum > Jynx

new baby pokemon


Elekid is a yellow, round-bodied Pokémon with black stripes. Elekid’s arms are bulky in proportion to its body, and it has three claws instead of fingers. It has two stripes on its arms, which wrap all the way around. There are two horns on top of its head which resemble the prongs of a plug, complete with holes in their sides. Elekid has a black lightning bolt marking on its chest. Two rows of stripes are near the marking, with the pattern continuing around its lower back. Its legs are black, and its feet are rounded and toeless.

Elekid tends to play out in the middle of thunderstorms. By rotating its arms, it generates electricity. However, it tires easily and can only charge a small amount. A weak electrical charge travels between its horns as well. It lives in the grasslands.

Pokemon Evolution:

Elekid > Electabuzz

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Igglybuff is a small, bipedal balloon-like animal that is completely pink. It has a rounded tuft of hair on top of its head, a small swirl-like pattern on its forehead, and red eyes. Igglybuff has small, stubby limbs. This small Pokémon is extremely elastic and can bounce like a ball, although it may not be able to stop if it does this. It smells sweet to calm the emotions of its foes. Although it has singing abilities, it is not able to sing for long periods due to its underdeveloped vocal cords. It often gets a sore throat from singing too frequently. Igglybuff tend to live in the grasslands close by freshwater streams. It uses water from the streams to gargle in its sore throat.

Pokemon Evolution:

Igglybuff > Jigglypuff > Wigglytuff

new baby pokemon

Special Mention – Tyrogue

Tyrogue, which is Gen 2’s pre-evolution Pokemon to Gen 1’s Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan’s was not introduced to Pokemon GO yet. The full release of Gen 2 introduces another Tyrogue evolution – Hitmontop.

new baby pokemon

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