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Pokemon GO Guide: Buddy Pokemon

What’s This Distance You Mentioned?

Each Buddy Pokemon has a different distance needed to walk before you gain 1 Pokemon candy. We covered the Buddy Pokemon distance chart previously, and also created a very handy and highly recommended Distance Calculator along with a chart by Pokemon. Anyone trying to understand how much walking they need to do to reach their desired number of total candy for a specific Pokemon should check it out. In the example below, our beloved Eevee requires 5km to hatch Eevee candy.

Buddy Pokemon Guide
Pokémon GO Guide

How Do I Know Which Pokemon Is My Current Buddy?

Easy. In your Avatar screen the Pokemon will appear in one of four places, depending on the Pokemon (Shoulder, Flying, Medium, Big). For example, an Eevee will appear on your shoulder (see first image in this article), a Snorlax (Big) will stand behind the trainer, and a Pikachu (Medium) in front.

The home screen (map) also gives indication of your current buddy. At the bottom left of the screen, right by you avatar, there should be a smaller round window showcasing your current Buddy Pokemon.

Buddy Pokemon Guide
Pokémon GO Guide

Notice the red circle around the Buddy Pokemon in the image below? It also gives an indication on how much you need to walk to get candy (relative to the number of KMs needed for each Pokemon). In this case, Pikachu is around one third (0.33 km) of the process of handing out free candy 🙂

Buddy Pokemon Guide
Pokémon GO Guide

Keep in mind our app was updated on Android devices (a Nexus 6P and a Nexus 9). If you didn’t receive the update prompt on your device, keep calm and wait patiently for it to arrive. It shouldn’t take long now. When you do, show us your Buddy in the comments!

How much do I need to walk for X amount of candy? Take me to the Buddy Pokemon Distance Calculator!

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